Idaho Star Garnets



STAR GARNET - The Idaho State Gem  GEM STONE

14mm 6-ray star garnet set in a 14k gold bracelet 18mm 6-ray star garnet set in a deer antler crown for a bolo tie 23mm 6-ray star garnet heart set in 14k yellow gold pendant

7mm 4-ray 14k gold earrings and a 14x7mm marquise 6-ray set in a 14k gold ring with diamond accents 7mm 4-ray 14k gold eagle pendant 4mm red 6-ray set in a 14k gold rose ring

Because star garnet is rarely cut to a standard calibrated size, much of the star garnet jewelry you will find is custom made and as unique as the gemstone.

Please note: This site is mainly for informational purposes. Due to other time commitments, I may not be able to offer cutting or jewelry services. Please contact me for more information.

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